Preservation & Inspection Services

ReZinspect inspects and preserves vacant pre-foreclosure and REO assets throughout the state. With more than 10 years of asset management experience, a comprehensive and scalable suite of services is available to evaluate properties, improve asset values, protect investors from unforeseen liability and offer the detail required to optimize property investment decisions. ReZinspect Property Preservation and Inspection effectively manages large and small scale real estate portfolios from pre-foreclosure maintenance through REO sale to ensure compliance to loan, investor, municipal and regulatory guidelines.


Critical property management functions are coordinated through a single resource. A statewide network of screened and qualified field service vendors with local market expertise are used to produce objective inspection reports. A proprietary vendor selection and scorecard system results in consistent, high-quality vendor performance. Combined with innovative technology that automates the ordering and management of most preservation and inspection services, the solutions offered by ReZinspect help reduce the cost of managing a delinquent loan or REO portfolio.

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